7 Important Reasons Quartz Countertops Have Seams

why quartz have seams

One of the most common questions in the world of quartz countertops is whether or not they should have seams. In addition to my experience and the thorough research I did on this topic, I also called up some professionals and fabricators, and below is their take on the topic.

  1. To Be Able To Achieve Complex Installation Designs
  2. To Be Able To Blend In With The Rest Of Your Flooring And Cabinetry Seams
  3. To Reduce Installation Risks And Time
  4. Size Of The Quartz Countertop
  5. To Maintain Durability Around Cutout Points
  6. To Avoid The Appearance Of A “Patchwork” Countertop
  7. To Accommodate The Design Of Your Kitchen

In the rest of this article, I will discuss the details on why quartz countertops have seams, what you could benefit from having seams, and why seamlessness in your quartz countertops may be desirable.

Details On Why Quartz Countertops Should Have Seams

1. To Be Able To Achieve Complex Installation Designs

One of the most commonly cited reasons why you would have seams on your quartz countertop is if there are any complex designs or shapes involved.

For example, if you have a fancy island design in your kitchen where the countertop curves and goes up on different sides, a seam will be inevitable.

The only way to achieve such a design would be through cutting and piecing together different pieces of stone, which is why there would be a seam between the different pieces of stone.

Seamless quartz countertops look more consistent and uniform in appearance, but if you want a particular design, this is where seams may come in.

2. To Be Able To Blend In With The Rest Of Your Flooring And Cabinetry Seams

Another reason why you would want to have seams on your quartz countertops is so that they can blend in with the rest of your flooring and cabinetry.

The most visible part of your flooring is where it meets the countertops, which means that if there are any seams on your countertops, it may be harder to tell that there are seams on the flooring.

Also, if you have cabinets made out of wood or another similar material, it makes sense to have an overall consistent look with your countertops.

Having seams actually adds a level of sophistication because it shows that you actually went through the effort to create a custom design.

You can also choose your seams based on where they are located – if you want them to be more inconspicuous. You could choose seams that are located on the sides rather than in plain sight.

3. To Reduce Installation Risks And Time

One of the most important reasons why you would want to have seams in your quartz countertops is because it reduces installation risks.

There are actually several reasons why this is important.

First of all, having seams in your countertops reduces the amount of time it takes to install them which means that the overall installation process is shorter.

A shortened installation time can mean less risk for mistakes and better control, which means that you will have a more solid finished product.

Secondly, if you are dealing with a complicated design, having seams actually makes it easier to install the countertops without any risks of damaging them.

The seams can act as “holding points” which make it easier for the installer to be able to carry and move the countertops.

4. Size Of The Quartz Countertop

Another factor that you should take into consideration is the size of your countertop. The larger it gets, the more likely there will be seams.

This is because if you are installing a large countertop, it simply cannot be done without having seams. If the countertops were seamless, this would not be possible.

However, you can still make it appear seamless if you choose your seam locations carefully – they won’t necessarily be as obvious.

So this begs the question how big can quartz countertop be without a seam?

This is a difficult question to answer because it will depend on the design of your countertop as well as whether or not you have other seams.

However, one of the most popular sizes for quartz countertops is about 30 inches – this will usually be large enough to not have any seams.

5. To Maintain Durability Around Cutout Points

If you have to cut out certain parts of your countertops for any reason, it would be ideal to have seams around the area where the cuts are because this will help maintain the durability of your countertops.

For example, if you have to install a sink or cooktop in your countertop, you can have a seam around it so that the area where the cut is doesn’t suffer from additional wear and tear.

Another example is if you have to cut the countertop down so that it fits in a smaller space.

This would be ideal because you can place more seams in the area so that it looks like there is less damage.

Having seams around these types of cutouts will also help maintain a consistent look between your countertop and the rest of the room.

6. To Avoid The Appearance Of A “Patchwork” Countertop

Another reason most of the professionals mentioned as to why you would want to have seams in your countertops is because it helps avoid the appearance that your quartz countertops are a “patchwork.”

This is an important factor to take into consideration because if you have a large number of seams, it will look like your countertops are made out of different materials.

If this is the impression that you want to give your visitors, then having seams in your countertops can be a good thing.

However, if you want to avoid this look and appear as though your countertops are made out of one continuous piece, then you should consider avoiding seams as much as possible.

7. To Accommodate The Design Of Your Kitchen

Another reason why you should consider having seams in your quartz countertops is that it allows them to accommodate the design of your kitchen.

If there are certain parts of your kitchen where the countertops need to be cut down, it is easier if you have seams in these areas because otherwise, they will look very odd.

So if you need to cut down your countertops in certain areas, it is easier and more aesthetic if there are seams around these cutouts.

In addition, if you have a certain design that is complex and requires the countertops to be in one piece, then this is impossible without seams.

How To Do A Quality Check On Seams Put On Your Quartz Countertops

The fact that quartz countertops will in some instances have seams does not mean it should be done anyhow. Here are a few important checks you need to do in order to have the best seams on your countertops.

Do not rush through the installation process – this is one of the most important things that you must do in order to have great seams on your quartz countertops.

Look For Experienced Professionals

Experience matters a lot when it comes to installing quartz countertops because it is a difficult process that requires professional help.

If you hire an experienced company or contractor, they will know what they are doing and will be able to put the seams on your countertops in an effective way.

This is why it is very important to do your research and find out which companies have the experience and reputation, especially if you want the seams on your countertops done well.

Do Not Forget To Check The Warranty

Another thing you need to do is check the warranty on the installation and ensure that it has a minimum of five years.

If the warranty is only one year, then this means that they may not do the job well and that you will have to do the job again soon and it is not worth doing so.

This is one of the most important factors when making a final decision on who to hire and if they have a good warranty, then all the better.

Do Ask For Samples

When it comes to having great seams on your countertops and hiring a company for this job, do ask them if you can see some good examples of their work.

If you ask to see samples, they should be able to give them to you, and if not then it is a sign that they may not be the best option.

So this is another important factor to take into consideration in order to make a final decision when hiring someone to put the seams on your quartz countertops.

Check The Lippage Of The Seam

During the installation process itself, there is one other thing you need to pay attention to and that is lippage, which means the space between the countertops themselves.

The thickness of the quartz slab has to be consistent in order to achieve a good lippage.

If the lippage is too big, then this can be a sign that they are not installing them correctly and will need to do it again.

So make sure you know what is normal and how much lippage should be acceptable.

This will ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and that you are not surprised when they are done.

Check The Positioning Of The Seam

Another thing you need to check is the positioning of the seam between your countertops. Never allow seams to be placed in the middle of the quartz countertop as this can not only ruin the entire look but also make it weak.

Always ensure seams are put around the edge of the countertop. Another seam positioning or location that is great are those that are put around cutouts

So if you are looking to get your quartz countertops installed, then ensure that they do this job well by looking for the above signs.

Check The Quality Of Adhesive Used

If you want to make sure that your seams are done properly, then it is important for them to use the right type of adhesive.

This is why you need to make sure that they use high-quality adhesives in order to stick them together well.

One common adhesive used for better bonding so that the seam on the countertop is not too obvious is an epoxy or Urethane Adhesive.

This is a very strong adhesive used to bond quartz countertops together so that they are not only durable but also look like a single piece.

It is something you will need to make sure they use and if not, then there are other options available that will be better.


Q. How wide should the seams be on quartz countertops?

A. Most of the time, this will depend on the type of seam you want and it is best to check with the company or contractor that will be installing your quartz countertops. However, as a general rule, seams should be no wider than a credit card.

Q. Why do seams on quartz countertops sometimes crack?

A. Unfortunately, this can happen and it is due to the contraction and expansion of countertops with humidity fluctuations. This is why it is best to use Urethane Adhesive which will prevent the seams from splitting.

Q. What is lippage?

A. Lippage refers to the space between your quartz countertops. This is important to get right when you are having your countertops installed because it can ruin their look. You want a professional to help you with this.

Q. What is the best adhesive for quartz countertops?

A. Epoxy or Urethane is the best adhesives to use when it comes to quartz countertops, as they are strong and will not crack. However, you need to make sure that whoever is putting them together knows how to use this adhesive as well.

Q. Would seams on quartz countertops make them weaker?

A. No, seams will not make your quartz countertops weaker and it is important to understand that they need to be put together properly for this not to happen. Ensure that the company or contractor you are using is doing this job well.

Q. Can I install quartz countertops myself?

A. If you are an experienced handyman then it is possible to do this yourself. However, if you are not, then it is usually best to have a professional do this job for you.


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