About Kobby

Macwilliam Kwabena Appianing

Hi! I’m Macwilliam K. Appianing, You can call me Kobby, one of the co-owners and founders of Favored Stone Guides. I’m a huge fan of most things natural.

My very first encounter with natural stone was in high school where I took a subject in sculpture which mainly had to do with the study of the history of sculpture as an art form, tools, materials, and some renowned artists.

Of all the artists I learned about, Michaelangelo stood out with some of his outstanding masterpieces like the statue of David which he carved from Marble Stone.

Fast forward to today, my appreciation for natural stones, in particular, was rekindled when I had to spend weeks un-end trying to figure out which natural stone installation to go for for my very first house.

As I recall, the experience was very hectic talking to various professionals who had varied opinions. I also sifted through hundreds of google web results and while I found some interesting blogs about some cool thing about natural stones, the majority were simply full of bad advice.

With my background in art and sculpture and the experiences I gathered throughout the entire process, I learned so much and my second house was quite the house I had always dreamt about.

So I joined forces with 2 other enthusiasts to create this website where we share our experiences and ideas about most things natural stones.