8 Ways Quartz Countertops Become Cloudy (Plus Easy Fix)


Many people are surprised to find that their new quartz countertops have a cloudy appearance. This is not an uncommon problem, but it can be corrected with the right treatment. 

But before we get into how to remove the cloudy blotches on your quartz countertops, let’s take a look at why quartz countertops are prone to cloudiness in the first place.

1. Sunlight Exposure

One of the common reasons why quartz countertops appear cloudy is due to exposure to sunlight. 

This is because the direct ultra-violet rays on the faux leather affect the stone’s ability to produce a uniform luster.

So if your kitchen gets a lot of direct sunlight, the ultraviolet rays in that light can damage the surface of quartz countertops, causing them to appear cloudy.

If you find that your new quartz countertop looks cloudy after only a short time in direct sunlight, you may want to use a UV-blocking sealer or make sure to use some blinds to make sure the amount of direct sunlight over your quartz countertops is reduced.

This among other measures will prevent the solar rays from reaching your quartz countertops, keeping them free from cloudiness.

2. Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Another reason why quartz countertops may look cloudy can be due to the type of cleaning chemicals used.

Many cleaners that are abrasive or contain bleach may cause the surface of your quartz countertops to become cloudy, making them look unappealing.

If you want to keep your quartz looking new, you should use gentle cleaners that are neutral or slightly acidic.

To safely clean your quartz countertops, combine one tablespoon of baking soda and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in two cups of water.

Mix the solution until it is foamy and then use it to clean your quartz countertops.

If you want added protection, add a disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide to the solution.

You can also use cleaning products that are specifically designed for quartz countertops to prevent damage and cloudiness.

If you want to keep your quartz countertops looking new, make sure to clean them with a gentle cleaner designed specifically for this type of stone and not harsh cleaners that could make your quartz countertops cloudy.

3. Heat Damage

Another reason why quartz countertops appear cloudy is due to damage from heat. 

If you have a gas stove, toasters, oven, etc with burners that get hot, they can cause damage to the stone that makes it appear cloudy.

The high heat can also cause fissures or chips in your quartz countertops, which will make them look cloudy.

To avoid this, always use a cutting board when using your quartz countertops for chopping or cooking, and never place hot pans directly on the surface.

If you follow these guidelines, your quartz countertops will stay looking crystal clear for years to come.

There are so many good things about quartz countertops but heat is not its stronghold as heat can mar the look of your countertops with white cloudiness being one of the results.

4. Food And Beverage Stains

Another reason why quartz countertops may look cloudy is due to food and beverage spills. 

If you don’t clean up these types of messes right away, they can leave staining on your quartz countertops that can cause the quartz to have a cloudy look among other blemishes.

This is will particularly happen with acidic food and beverages such as coffee, grape juice, oranges, and lemons. This is because the acidic contents of these foods and beverages can react with the stone and cause damage that makes it appear cloudy.

If you want to avoid this, make sure to clean up spills immediately and use a stone-safe cleaner. You also want to clean and maintain your countertops often to prevent any form of stain build-up.

If your quartz countertops are already damaged, you may want to consider refinishing them or having them replaced.

5. Manufacturing Defects

Let me not forget to mention that your quartz countertops may also look cloudy due to manufacturing defects.

If the sealer has not been applied correctly this could be another reason why your quartz countertops are looking cloudy.

If the substrate has not been allowed to cure for long enough, it may also cause cloudiness among other problems.

A little side note; the substrate is the material that is underneath the quartz countertops and it needs to be allowed enough time to cure before you can seal the stone.

The substrate should not be visible when you look at the stone and if it is, contact a professional to fix the problem as soon as possible.

All in all, manufacturing defects can also cause the quartz to look cloudy.

If you want your countertops to be crystal clear, make sure to protect them with the right sealer and cleaning products.

6. Wear And Tear

Very similar to the point made earlier, another common cause of your quartz countertop looking cloudy is due to wear and tear.

When the sealer used to protect the quartz countertop begins to wear off, it will expose the substrate and cause the stone to look cloudy.

The quartz countertops will also start to lose their shine and can appear dull or cloudy after a few years.

If this is happening, you may need to re-seal your quartz countertops with a stone sealer that is designed for this type of stone.

As with any other reason mentioned in this article, if you clean and maintain your quartz countertops on a regular basis, you can avoid this from happening.

Just make sure to use the right cleaning products and you should be good to go!

7. The Glues Used To Install The Countertops

One more reason why your quartz countertops may be looking cloudy is due to the glues used during installation.

When the glue used during the installation of the quartz countertop reacts with the resin (used to bind the quartz material), it can cause the stone to look cloudy.

This is usually common around the sink areas and seams because the glue can travel up those areas.

This will usually happen with glues that are not stone-friendly and can cause chemical damage.

It is best to have a professional install your quartz countertops because they know the right glues to use to avoid any damage.

If you have your quartz countertops installed by a professional, they should be able to clean up the problem even if it occurs and get the shine back to your quartz countertops.

8. Residue From The Plastic Film 

Last but not the least, you will often find cloudy patches on your quartz countertops from the plastic film applied to the surface of the quartz countertop to help protect it during installation.

While these are installed with the intention of protecting the quartz countertop during their installation so that the countertop does not suffer any stains or scratches during the installation process.

It is often seen that the plastic used during installation causes the residue to remain on the quartz countertop which starts to look cloudy after a few months.

If this is the cause of your quartz countertop looking cloudy, you can either use a buffer or some fine sandpaper to remove them, or to be safe, simply invite your installer to have a look.

Best Way To Remove Cloudiness From Quartz Countertops

Using Magic Eraser

Magic eraser has become a household item and can be used to remove most types of stains and marks from the quartz countertops.

It is very effective for removing any cloudy appearance and other blemishes from your quartz countertops.

All you do is get a magic eraser, wet it with warm water, and then rub the area that needs to be cleaned. It will easily remove any build-up that might be causing the cloudy appearance.

While this is a viable option for removing blemishes from your countertops make sure not to scrub too much or overdo it. Magic eraser is essentially very fine sandpaper so it can easily scratch your quartz countertops if you are not careful.


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