Laminate Flooring Maintenance: How to Care for Your Laminate Floors

Laminate Flooring Maintenance

Laminate floors are popular among homeowners because of their durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness.

But, like anything of value in our homes, they require proper care to maintain their charm. I remember when I first installed laminate flooring in my own home.

I was drawn to its wood-like elegance and the promise of durability. But, it didn’t take long to understand that the shine and luster can quickly fade without proper maintenance.

Over the years, I’ve learned that with consistent care, these floors can maintain their beauty and longevity, becoming a long-term investment that adds value to our homes.

This is why understanding laminate flooring maintenance is so crucial.

Cleaning Techniques

Regular Cleaning

1. Sweeping and Dusting

Regular sweeping is critical to maintaining the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your laminate flooring. Like a pearl necklace or a fine watch, the little things count.

A small piece of grit or debris can cause surprisingly significant damage if not swiftly dealt with. I learned this the hard way when a tiny pebble, tracked in on a rainy day, left a noticeable scratch on my beautiful flooring.

From that day on, I’ve made sure to sweep daily using a soft-bristle broom. The soft bristles are gentle on the laminate and remarkably effective in picking up loose dirt and debris.

A microfiber mop is an excellent alternative if you’re not a fan of brooms. It attracts dust and grime, keeping your floors pristine.

2. Dry Mopping

Dry mopping plays a vital role in maintaining your floor’s shine. A few years ago, during one of our family get-togethers, my cousin couldn’t stop praising the shiny finish of my laminate floors.

The secret? Regular dry mopping. It’s an effective way to pick up the tiny dust particles a broom or vacuum might miss.

These particles, as tiny as they are, can dull the surface over time. I prefer a good-quality dry mop or a dust mop for this task.

They’re easy to use and do a fantastic job keeping my floors gleaming, just like on the installation day.

Routine Cleaning

1. Damp Mopping

For a deeper clean, damp mopping is the way to go. However, it’s essential to remember that your mop must be well wrung out.

Laminate flooring doesn’t react well to water, and pooling can cause warping or swelling. I used too much water when overwhelmed by a particularly stubborn stain. The result? A noticeably swollen patch of flooring that took weeks to settle.

I always use a well-wrung-out mop to avoid this, ensuring it’s damp, not wet. For the cleaning solution, I found store-bought laminate-friendly cleaners work pretty well.

They are designed specifically for laminate flooring, so they clean without causing any harm. However, I noticed that some of these cleaners can leave a residue.

So, I make sure to go over the floor with a dry mop after cleaning to keep that shiny finish intact.

2. DIY Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to homemade cleaning solutions, vinegar is your best friend. It’s a natural disinfectant, deodorizes, and leaves a streak-free finish.

One of my go-to recipes is a simple vinegar-water solution. I mix one cup of vinegar with one gallon of warm water.

I’ve found this most effective in handling general grime and dirt. I add a few drops of dish soap to the mix for tougher stains. It gives extra cleaning power, and the soapy scent leaves my rooms smelling fresh.

Remember, if you’re using a homemade solution, try it in a small, hidden area first to ensure it won’t damage your flooring.

A little caution can save a lot of heartache. Trust me, I learned this the hard way when a DIY cleaner took the shine off a section of my laminate. Since then, I always tested before using a new cleaning solution.

Deep Cleaning

When is Deep Cleaning Necessary?

Deep cleaning laminate floors is not a regular chore, but it’s necessary under certain circumstances.

For instance, if you’ve hosted a gathering and your floor has been subject to more foot traffic than usual, a deep clean may be to rejuvenate its charm.

Additionally, stubborn stains that refuse to budge with your usual cleaning routine may warrant a more intensive approach.

I remember spilling beetroot juice on my laminate flooring during a dinner party, and the stain was noticeably persistent. That was a clear sign that a deep clean was necessary.

Process of Deep Cleaning Laminate Floors

For deep cleaning, you must step up from your regular cleaning routine. This is when specialized laminate floor cleaners come to the rescue.

These products are formulated to tackle tough stains without damaging the laminate’s protective layer.

I typically use a soft-bristle brush to gently scrub the floor, following the grain of the laminate to prevent scratches.

From my experience, ZEP Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner has been a reliable companion for deep cleaning routines.

It’s powerful enough to remove stubborn stains without leaving any unwanted residue. After using this, I mop the floor with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly to avoid any moisture-related issues.

Always test any cleaner in an inconspicuous area of your floor first to ensure it won’t discolor or damage your laminate.

That’s a lesson I learned after an unfortunate incident with an ill-suited cleaner that injured a patch of my flooring!

Recommended Cleaning Products

Choosing the right cleaning products is crucial to maintaining the shine and longevity of your laminate floors. Over the years, I’ve tried and tested various brands, and here are several that have proven effective:

  1. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner: This cleaner is a winner. It is easy to use, leaves no streaks, and, most importantly, does not harm the laminate. You can purchase it from Amazon or any local home improvement store.
  2. Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner: this product is particularly effective on stubborn dirt and grime. It’s a water-based solution that leaves no harmful residue on your floors. You can find Bona products at Home Depot or even order them online.
  3. Bruce Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaner: A friend recommended this one, which didn’t disappoint. It’s ideal for removing tough stains and is safe for all urethane-finished floors. It’s available at most home improvement stores or online.
  4. Quick-Step Laminate Floor Cleaner: This product has been my absolute lifesaver. It’s specially formulated for laminate floors and does an excellent job of removing stains without damaging the floor. You can purchase it at a local flooring store or online.
  5. Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Mopping and Cleaning Starter Kit: This product is handy for quick clean-ups. It’s safe for all finished hardwood floors, including laminate, and is easy to find at your local grocery store.

Remember, performing a patch test in a less visible area is always a good idea before using these or any other cleaning products on your entire floor!

Tips to Prevent Damage

Let’s explore some of the best practices to keep your laminate floors as good as new for years.

Furniture Protection

It’s essential to be mindful of the furniture and its potential impact on your laminate flooring. When I moved into my first apartment with laminate flooring, I was under the misconception that it could withstand anything, including the weight of my antique oak dresser. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

  1. One of the best ways to prevent scratches and dents is to use felt pads or furniture gliders under the feet of heavy furniture. Trust me, these little tools are lifesavers and affordable.
  2. Also, I cannot stress enough the importance of lifting furniture when moving it instead of dragging it across the floor. It might seem inconvenient, but dealing with a scratched floor is less than the inconvenience.

Avoiding Moisture

I learned the hard way that laminate flooring and water are not friends.

  1. Moisture seeping into laminate flooring can cause it to warp or swell, ruining its appearance.
  2. I always suggest avoiding excessive water during cleaning. A slightly damp mop is sufficient to remove dust and dirt.
  3. Placing mats near entryways also helps trap moisture and dirt, preventing them from reaching your precious laminate. This is a trick I learned from my grandmother, and it has served me well.

Pet Care

Having pets is a joy until you see what their claws can do to your laminate flooring.

  1. To prevent this, I’ve made it a habit to wipe my dog’s paws after he comes in from outside, and it has significantly reduced the amount of dirt tracked onto my floors.
  2. Regularly trimming your pet’s nails can also help prevent scratches and marks on the floor. It’s a small task, but it can save your floor from damage.

Sunlight Protection

As harmful UV rays can damage your skin, they can fade and damage your laminate flooring.

  1. I learned this when I noticed that the floor area near my window, which received direct sunlight, started to look faded and worn out.
  2. To protect your floors, I highly recommend using blinds or curtains that can help block out excessive sunlight. You might also consider UV-blocking window films to protect your laminate from fading, a tip I got from my neighbor, who’s an interior designer.

Common Laminate Flooring Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Many homeowners, unfortunately, make some common errors when maintaining their laminate flooring. One such mistake is using a vacuum with a beater bar.

I too, in my early days, was guilty of this. The beater bar can damage the surface of laminate floors, making them lose their shine.

I suggest using a vacuum that has a setting specifically for hard surfaces. Another common error is using wax or polish on laminate flooring.

I recall my aunt doing this, hoping to give her floor an extra gleam. However, laminate flooring does not need wax or polish – these substances can dull the floor’s finish.

Stick to the cleaning methods mentioned above, and your floor will continue to shine.


Maintaining your laminate flooring doesn’t have to be a chore. The tips we’ve covered in this blog post – avoiding moisture, caring for your pets, protecting from sunlight, and avoiding common mistakes – are all straightforward and manageable.

Remember my dog’s paw-wiping habit? Small practices like that can make a significant difference! Engage with these steps to ensure your laminate floors remain beautiful and long-lasting.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments or want to share your laminate flooring care tips. You can contact me anytime at. So here’s to long-lasting, pristine laminate floors in your home!


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