17 Laminate Flooring Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Laminate Flooring Maintenance

When I first installed laminate flooring in my home, I was drawn to its sleek design and durability. As a busy homeowner, the supposed low-maintenance nature of this flooring option appealed to me.

However, I quickly discovered that a certain level of care was essential to keep its luster and extend its life. It’s true, improper care can cause damage like scratching, warping and even shorten the lifespan of your laminate flooring.

I’ve learned that understanding common maintenance mistakes, and more importantly, how to avoid them, is key to preserving the beauty of your laminate floors.

Pros of Laminate Flooring

From my experience, laminate flooring indeed has its advantages. First, it’s highly resistant to stains and damage. A bonus for someone like me with kids and pets!

Additionally, it’s available in various styles and colors, allowing me to select the perfect match for my home decor.

And let’s not forget the price. Laminate flooring is significantly cheaper than many other flooring options, providing great value for money.

Cons of Laminate Flooring

However, I’ve also faced some challenges with my laminate flooring. It’s quite sensitive to moisture and can easily warp if exposed to water for an extended period.

Also, unlike hardwood floors, laminate flooring cannot be refinished once damaged; it has to be replaced.

Lastly, it can be quite slippery, a potential hazard, particularly in homes with elderly residents or children.

In the next sections, we’ll dive into common maintenance mistakes that can lead to these kinds of damage and how to avoid them, based on my own trials and tribulations.

Mistakes Related to Cleaning

1. Using Excessive Water

My first step after installing the laminate floors was to keep them sparkling clean. But my cleaning method was doing more harm than good!

It quickly became clear that using excessive water can severely damage laminate flooring. Here’s why: laminate is prone to water damage because its fiberboard core can absorb liquid and swell, which causes warping.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple – clean your laminate floors with minimal moisture. A slightly damp mop is all you need, and avoid any pools of standing water.

I’ve had good luck with using a spray mop—it lightly mists the floor with cleaner, so the floor never gets too wet.

2. Using Harsh Chemicals

I learned that not all cleaning products are suitable for laminate floors. Initially, I used a strong floor cleaner, thinking it would lead to a better clean.

But to my dismay, it caused discoloration and left a stubborn film. Harsh chemicals, like bleach or ammonia, can strip away the protective layer of your laminate flooring, leading to dullness and discoloration.

After some research, I discovered that a simple solution of vinegar and water is safe and effective for laminate floors. I’ve found that baking soda mixed with water does the trick for tougher stains!

3. Not Sweeping Regularly

I confess, I used to let the dust bunnies congregate under my dining table. But ignoring dust and debris turned out to be a mistake. These tiny particles can cause scratches and wear away the surface over time.

The key is regular maintenance. I try to sweep or vacuum my floors every day, or at least every other day. And forget the old straw broom—I’ve switched to a soft-bristled microfiber mop.

It catches dust and debris without scratching the floor, while also being easy to clean and reuse. Trust me, a little bit of regular effort goes a long way in preserving the beauty of your laminate floors!

Mistakes in Maintenance Routine

4. Neglecting Spills and Stains

A common misstep I made early on was neglecting spills. I figured, it’s laminate, it’s supposed to be durable, right?

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that leaving spills unattended can lead to stubborn stains, especially on lighter floor styles.

I’ve spilled everything from coffee to pasta sauce, and trust me, the quicker you clean it up, the better. Always keep a microfiber cloth handy for immediate clean-up of spills.

A bit of plain water for most spills, or a touch of vinegar for tougher ones, usually does the trick.

5. Skipping Regular Maintenance

At first, I thought my laminate floors could withstand a casual cleaning schedule, but I was mistaken. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your laminate floors looking brand new.

What works for me is a weekly comprehensive sweep, a bi-weekly damp mop, and a monthly deep clean with a suitable laminate floor cleaner.

Once a year, I give my floors a good once-over inspection for any wear and tear that might need professional attention.

6. Not Using Furniture Pads

I never really considered the impact of moving furniture on my laminate floors until I saw the first scratch.

I was rearranging my living room one day and dragged my couch a few inches, only to discover a nasty scratch left in its wake.

Now, I’m a firm advocate for furniture pads. They’re small and inexpensive and protect your floor from scratches when moving furniture.

Whether it’s a sofa, a coffee table, or a dining chair, furniture pads are a real laminate floor lifesaver.

Mistakes in Protection

7. Not Using Entry Mats

Believe me, I never knew that something as simple as an entry mat could make so much difference until I got one. They are like the first line of defense for your laminate floors. One day, I noticed grit and dirt from outside were making their way inside, causing minor abrasions on my floor. I decided to place an entry mat at the entrance, and voila! The amount of dirt that made its way inside drastically reduced. So, here’s my advice, do your laminate floors a favor and place mats at all entryways.

8. Neglecting Sunlight Protection

Have you ever noticed how items left in the sun for too long fade? Well, the same can happen to your laminate floors.

My lovely dark laminate started looking dull and faded after a few summers. I realized that the harsh UV rays from the sun were causing the damage.

I quickly invested in some window treatments to minimize exposure to these rays. It’s recommended you do the same.

Curtains, blinds, or even UV window film can contribute to preserving your laminate’s original color.

9. Wearing High Heels or Shoes Indoors

I love wearing heels! But let me tell you, they are not friends with laminate floors.

One day, I noticed several tiny indentations where I’d walked in my stilettos. In fact, any shoe with a hard, sharp, or dirty bottom can cause scratches and dents.

So, I’ve since instituted a no-shoes policy in my house. It’s a small change, but trust me when I say it makes a huge difference in maintaining your laminate floor.

Mistakes During DIY Repairs

I’ve always been a big fan of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repairs. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it’s cost-effective too. However, I learned the hard way that my DIY spirit can sometimes do more harm than good.

10. Using Incorrect Repair Products

This one time, I noticed a small scratch on my laminate floor. I decided to fix it myself and used a repair kit I found at my local store.

To my dismay, the scratch was still visible and looked even worse. I later realized that the product was not suitable for laminate floors.

My lesson from this? I repeat, always make sure to use the right repair products for your laminate floors.

11. Ignoring Minor Damage

In the early days, I used to ignore minor scratches or dents on my floor, thinking they were too small to cause any major damage.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Over time, these small damages become more pronounced, leading to major issues like discoloration or warping. If you see any damage, no matter how minor, address it immediately.

12. Not Consulting Manufacturer Guidelines

This one was a game-changer. I always assumed all laminate floors were the same until I made a serious mistake during a DIY repair.

Little did I know that different manufacturers have different guidelines for repair and maintenance. So, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines before diving into repairing your laminate floor.

You can usually find these on their website or contact their customer support. Trust me, it saves you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Mistakes in Furniture Placement

13. Dragging Heavy Furniture

This was a mistake I regret to this day. I had bought a new couch and, excitedly, dragged it across my beautiful laminate floor.

The result – unsightly scratches that were not easy to fix. Dragging heavy furniture across the floor can cause serious damage to laminate flooring.

What I’ve learned and what I’d advise you to do, is to always lift and shift the furniture. It might seem laborious, especially with heavier items, but it’s definitely worth it.

You could also use furniture sliders that are readily available in most hardware stores. They make the task of moving furniture much easier and safer for your floors.

14. Leaving Furniture in Place

Here’s another mistake that might not seem so obvious at first. I had my favorite recliner positioned just so, for the perfect view of the TV.

Months passed, and what I discovered horrified me – an unevenly faded spot on my floor, right under the recliner.

Leaving furniture in one place for too long can cause uneven wear and discoloration on laminate floors, especially in areas that receive direct sunlight.

The remedy for this is simple – make it a practice to rearrange your furniture periodically. This not only prevents uneven wear but also gives you a chance to change the look of your room regularly.

Trust me, your floors (and your sense of interior design) will thank you for it!

Mistakes Related to Pet Care

15. Not Trimming Pet’s Nails

My furry friend, Max, loves to dart around the house with his infectious energy. However, I made the mistake of overlooking his long, untrimmed nails.

I began to notice uncharacteristic scratches on my laminate floor’s surface, and it didn’t take long for me to trace the culprit – Max’s overgrown nails.

Regarding pet care, it is crucial to trim your pet’s nails. It prevents unwanted scratches or damage to your laminate floors.

A regular grooming schedule for your pet, including nail clipping, can be tremendously beneficial.

Plenty of grooming tools in the market can make this task easier, or if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, your vet can provide this service.

16. Ignoring Pet Accidents

I remember, quite vividly, the time when Max was still being house-trained. He had a few accidents in the house, mainly on the laminate flooring.

At first, I thought a quick mop-up would suffice. Eventually, I realized the urine stains had seeped into the floor, leaving a stubborn stain and a lingering odor.

This experience taught me that pet accidents on laminate floors should be cleaned promptly and thoroughly.

Absorb the liquid with a thick cloth immediately, then clean the area using a suitable laminate floor cleaner to remove any residue.

You might need a special pet stain and odor remover for stubborn stains or lingering odors.

Remember, the quicker you clean up after your pet’s accidents, the less likely they are to cause lasting damage to your flooring.

Mistakes During Renovation Projects

17. Not Protecting Laminate During Renovation

My home improvement projects are always a mix of excitement and anticipation. I still recall when I decided to repaint my living room walls.

In my enthusiasm, I overlooked the potential risks to my laminate flooring. As I was engrossed in transforming my room with a fresh coat of paint, a few paint droplets accidentally found their way onto my laminate floor.

When I noticed, the paint had dried, leaving a difficult smudge to remove without damaging the laminate’s finish.

Doing any home renovation project, be it painting, plastering, or even moving furniture around, poses a risk to your laminate flooring. The dust, debris, or accidental spills can cause scratches, stains, or other damage to your floor.

But don’t worry, there are ways to protect your laminate flooring during renovation works. Before you start, cover your floors with a drop cloth or plastic sheet.

It will act as a safety net, catching any spills, dust, or debris that falls. If you’re moving heavy furniture, consider using furniture pads or sliders to avoid scratching the floor.

And always clean up immediately after any accidental spills to prevent them from setting into your laminate flooring.

Remember, a bit of precaution can save your laminate floors from potential damage and preserve their beauty for years to come.


In the journey of home improvement and maintenance, we often learn through our experiences, sometimes by making mistakes. Laminate flooring, with its stunning aesthetics and durability, is an excellent choice for many homeowners, yet it’s often prone to the pitfalls of improper care.

From neglecting routine cleaning to using harsh cleaning agents, from wearing high heels on your laminate to neglecting spills, the longevity and beauty of your laminate flooring can be vastly impacted. Even during renovations, not taking adequate measures to protect your flooring can lead to scratches and stains, just as I had experienced during my living room revamp.

Remember, the essential aspect of maintaining your laminate flooring is understanding its needs and acting promptly whenever there’s a spill or when it’s time to clean. Consistency is key. Regular sweeping or vacuuming helps keep your laminate floors free from dirt and debris that could scratch the surface, and cleaning up any spills as soon as they happen prevents lasting damage. Use laminate-friendly cleaning agents, protect your floors during renovations, and be mindful of the type of footwear or pet claws that come in contact with your floor.

In a nutshell, taking good care of your laminate flooring means avoiding these 17 mistakes. Not only will your floors last longer, but they’ll also retain the beautiful finish that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

As we conclude, I would love to hear from you! What are some of the measures you’ve taken to maintain your laminate flooring? Do you have any tips or methods that worked well for you? Please share your experiences and suggestions in the comments section below. Let’s learn from each other and keep our laminate floors shining for years!


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