4 Simple Hacks To Make Your Marble Stairs Non-Slippery


The best way to make your marble stairs non-slippery is by increasing traction over the surface of each step. But how do you do so so that your marble stairs have the kind of traction so that it is not slippery but safe for you, your kids, and pets. In this article, I’m going to share with you the 4 best ways to make your marble stairs non-slippery.

So how do you make marble stairs non-slippery? You can make your marble stairs non-slippery by using no-slip tapes. Using the no-slip tape is one of the good ways to increase traction on the surface around your marble floors and stairs to make it safe for you, your kids, and your furry friends. You can apply the no-slip tape by;

  • Step 1: Cleaning the marble with a marble cleaner.
  • Step 2: Peel off the backing material for the no-slip tape and tape onto the edge of each step.
  • Step 3: Run a roller over the tape to activate the adhesive.

To learn the details on the above-mentioned method and 3 additional methods of making marble stairs non-slippery, keep reading this article.

1. Use No-Slip Tapes

Stair treads that are made from marble and other natural stones are generally more likely to be slippery when compared to others made from hardwoods or carpets.

When you want to make your marble stairs non-slippery, is by using no-slip tapes. No-slip Tapes are pre-cut strips that you can buy and use to make both your indoor and outdoor marble and natural stone stairs non-slippery.

They come in a wide variety of colors. So matching the color of your marble stairs shouldn’t be difficult. I personally usually go for no-slip tapes that are clear. This enables me to maintain the original color of my marble stairs.

With a good no-slip tape like this one from amazon, you should be able to maintain very comfortable non-slippery marble stairs for the next 3 years without any problems.

The best part of using no-slip tapes is that most tapes you will come across will be water-resistant and you should be able to clean your marbles floors without any issues.

With a simple act of peel and stick, the no-slip tape will to a large extent help to prevent any form of accident that may be associated with slippery marble or natural stone stairs.

Pro Tip: Marble is a highly porous material so before you peel and stick the no-slip tape over it you need to make sure you have sealed your marble stairs properly. Sealing your marble stairs helps to prevent moisture from degrading the no-slip tape adhesive prematurely.

Also, you would want to apply an edge sealer so that it can help to protect the edges of the no-slip tape from moisture.

Although no-slip tapes are a great medium-term fix for slippery marble stairs, some of them come with their downsides.

Some of the main caveats as far as using no-slip tapes go is that some tend to change the color of the marble around the stairs. I have also had some others tell me the no-slip tapes they installed exposed their marble to a lot more stains by opening up the marble pores.

So it is important to also choose the best no-slip products to make sure the tape has no adverse effect on your marble stirs.

How To Make Marble Stairs Non-Slippery Using No-Slip Tapes

Things Needed:

  • No-Slip Tape
  • Roller
  • Marble or Natural Stone Cleaner


Step 1

Clean the surface of the marble stairs with a good marble or natural stone cleaner.

You can also use warm water if your marble stairs have already been cleaned recently.

This will remove any grease stains, dirt, or debris that might have been sitting on the surface of your marble stairs.

If there are any cracks or pits on your marble stairs you would want to make sure you repair it first before taping over the surface with the no-slip tape.

Also, if your marble is not sealed, you would want to do so to help prevent moisture from getting through to the adhesive of the no-slip tape.

Step 2

Remove or pull off the backing material for the no-slip tape and tape it about half an inch away from the edge of the marble stairs.

It is not a good idea to tape the no-slip tape right on the very edge of the steps as it can cause the no-slip tape not to last long.

It is also not recommended that you install the no-slip tape on curved marble surfaces. The tape must still be laid flat along the curved edge of the steps.

You can lay double tapes parallel to each other for better traction. This is, however, optional. One strip of no-slip tape per step is enough to keep your marble and natural stone stairs safe and non-slippery.

Step 3

After you’re done taping, use your roller to roll over the no-slip take to help activate and tighten the bond. Voila!

2. Use No-Slip Mats

No-slip mats which can be found at Amazon, are also a great way to make your marble stairs non-slippery. It is also a great fit for both indoor and outdoor.

When installed indoors, it can serve both as a decorative piece while when used on the outdoor marble stairs, the no-slip mats can create traction in all weather situations.

This will help make you, your kids, and furry friends safe when using your beautiful marble stairs whether outdoors or indoors.

No-slip mats can come in the form of rubber-backed rugs or mats. Although the glass-like finish on marble stairs is simply elegant, it is hard to walk on them without slipping a few times.

The no-slip mats are simply awesome and in many cases can save your life or that of your precious little ones. No slip mats are not only great for marble stairs.

They are highly versatile and can be used for bathroom floors, living rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere you might feel may be a bit slippery and unsafe.

One of the things I love about using no-slip mats, especially, on outdoor marbles or natural stone stairs is that they remain functional even in heavy snow and even when your marble stairs are soaking wet or damp.

To get the perfect no-slip mat size for your marble stairs you need to measure the width of each step from front to back and then subtract 1 inch. This is going to give you the width of each step.

Now measure the length of each step, that is, the longest side, from left to right, and then subtract 2 inches. The resulting number will be the length of that step. Do the same for all steps by measuring both the length and breadth and then place your order.

3. Apply Anti-Slip Products

Apply anti-slip products over the surface of your marble stairs. This another awesome way of making your marble stairs non-slippery. The anti-slip products help to prevent the surface of your marble stairs from being slippery.

They are usually formulated to coat and seal mainly polished marble and granite surfaces but are also good for unsealed natural stone surfaces and other glossy surfaces like porcelain.

These types of products help to maintain a solid grip with your feet although the surface of your marble stairs will look deceptively slippery.

They are very easy to apply and maintain. Anti-slip products are applied by mopping them directly over the surface of your marble floors including areas around the stairs.

You can also apply it by using a clean lint-free towel or microfiber cloth. Anti-slip products when used on any part of marble cures within a few hours.

Unlike most other ways of making your marble stairs non-slippery, the anti-slip products allow your marble stairs to maintain their original look while protecting them from being slippery.

Anti-slip products are indeed great for making your marble stairs non-slippery and are very effective and practical for both indoor and outdoor (anywhere with marble installation including marble areas around the swimming pool) marble and natural stone surfaces.

If you’re interested, you can check out this anti-slip product over here on Amazon! You can also find anti-slip products like the one mentioned above in your local stores.

4. Regularly Cleaning The Marble Stairs Will Make It Non-Slippery

Now back to the basics! One of the basic things you could do to make your marble stairs non-slippery is by cleaning them regularly.

Cleaning the marble surface regularly will mean that you will be able to timely wipe off any dust, debris, dirt, or liquid spills that could cause the marble stairs to be slippery.

For example, dust particles when allowed to build up over a long period of time on a marble surface can be very dangerous if not cleaned timely.

The dust particles will substantially reduce the level of traction on the marble stairs and can be a lot more dangerous for both humans and pets with only socks on.

Another example is you also do not want to leave the floor around your marble stair wet. Making it a point to clean your marble floors and especially areas around the stairs frequently is also a great way to make your stairs non-slippery.

Cleaning regularly will enable you to wipe off any liquid spills that you might not have seen when it happened. Also, never procrastinate wiping off liquid spills especially around your marble or natural stone stairs.

If you do not clean liquid spills immediately, not only can you or your loved ones slip while the floor is still wet but you can also slip and fall when the liquid is allowed to dry over the surface of the marble.


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