Do Marble Coasters Absorb Water?

Do Marble Coasters Absorb Water

Marble coasters are popular items for home and office use. They are often used to keep glasses from leaving rings on tables, but do marble coasters absorb water? For this article, I did some research and I’m ready to share with you all that I found.

So do marble coasters absorb water? Marble coasters will absorb water and other liquids that come into contact with them. This is because marble as a material is very porous. Marble coasters will particularly absorb more water and faster if it has not been sealed or has seen a lot of use.

To learn more about why marble coasters absorb water, how to make your coasters even more absorbent, how to care for your marble coasters, and more, keep reading to find out more!

Reasons Why Marble Coasters Can Absorb Water

Unpolished Or Unsealed Marble Coaster Will Absorb Water

One of the very first factors that will allow a marble coaster to absorb water is if the marble coaster is unpolished or unsealed. Marble is naturally very porous material and will soak in water if it has not been sealed.

If the marble coaster is unpolished, then it will be more likely to absorb liquids because there are microscopic cracks and openings where liquid can get trapped inside of the material.

Marble is a form of limestone that often contains pores which make up about 90% of its volume. The surface absorbs liquids quicker than other types such as granite or ceramic materials do because they have no open pores.

Marble coasters with unsealed edges may also allow for absorption since these areas tend to accumulate fluids over time due to their exposure to the ground.

Marble Coaster Will Absorb Water Because of Its Natural Pores

There are microscopic cracks and openings where liquid can get trapped inside of the material. Marble is a form of limestone that often contains pores which make up about 90% of its volume.

The surface absorbs liquids quicker than other types such as granite or ceramic materials do because they have no open pores.

Meaning your marble coaster will to a large extent absorb water or liquid whether sealed or unsealed. The material is porous which allows it to absorb liquids.

Marble coasters have a tendency of absorbing water more than most other types of surface materials, such as granite or ceramic tiles do because they both lack the open pores that marble has.

While this can not be compared with other materials like wood, this does mean that at all times you should avoid letting any liquid seep into your coaster by keeping them carefully and securely sealed off so as not to let anything through when they are not being used.

Marble Coaster Will Absorb Water Due To Wear And Tear

Marble coasters will easily absorb water and other liquids if the marble coaster has seen a lot of wear and tear.

This means the finishes or surface treatments given to the leather might have been removed due to wear rendering it highly susceptible to absorbing liquids.

How To Make Your Marbles Coasters More Absorbent

If you want to make your marble coasters more absorbent, there are some ways I suggested this can be done.

  • My first suggestion would be putting an absorptive material in between two layers of sealed and unsealed marbles for better moisture absorption.
  • Another idea is to use rubberized table pads under each marble coaster which will help with protecting surfaces from water damage while also absorbing liquids spilled onto them if they cannot be contained around the marble coaster.
  • If you want to go a step further, I suggest sealing the bottom of each marble coaster with epoxy.
  • A fourth idea is to put a layer of closed-cell foam or rubberized matting between the marble and your tabletop.

Tips For Purchasing Marble Coasters

Buying marble coasters can be a bit tricky but there are a few tips that can help you narrow your search.

  • First, always measure the table or surface where you plan on placing them to ensure they will be a proper fit and not fall off of the edge when set down. I find you the best marble coaster you can buy from Amazon.
  • Second, make sure every coaster has a flat bottom so they do not rock around in place which could potentially cause spillage onto whatever is underneath it.
  • Third, check for any ridges or bumps along the edges because these are more likely to collect liquid than smooth surfaces would.
  • Fourth, look at customer reviews from other people who have purchased marble coasters before as this may give some insight into their quality while also helping with knowing if others were satisfied before purchasing one yourself.
  • Last, take note of the size and thickness.
  • If they are thin or too small then it will not be able to hold much liquid before spilling over onto whatever is underneath them. This defeats the purpose of having a coaster in place at all if you need to worry about spills on top of spillages.
  • Thicker coasters may do a better job but make sure there is room for them as thicker ones might stick out past your table’s edge before making contact with any surface below.

How To Care For Your Marble Coasters

Marble coasters are a great option for those who want to enjoy the vintage look of marble without worrying about damaging their tables.

However, they also come with some unique needs that you should be aware of and care for properly in order to keep them looking nice.

  • Do not store your coaster directly on top of other surfaces or items: Marble is porous which means it will absorb any liquid on its surface. So if you place another object underneath your coaster while in storage then there’s a chance that it’ll pick up liquids as well when you take it out again. Keep one layer between the two objects at all times!
  • Never use abrasive cleaners: This includes cleaning products like Windex, ammonia water vinegar or anything else that’s highly acidic in nature. Marble is a natural stone that may have many different types of small scratches and imperfections on its surface, so using an abrasive cleaner will cause these to become more pronounced over time.
  • If there are any stains that won’t come out then reach out to an expert for help: There could be some type of mineral deposit left behind after cleaning which needs to be removed by someone who understands how.
  • If you are a person with sensitive skin, then avoid using any type of abrasive cleaner: Marble is porous and will absorb the chemicals.
  • Never place or use heat sources like hot plates or microwaves near your marble coasters.
  • Finally, always store these items out of direct sunlight so they do not warp or crack due to prolonged exposure to UV rays like heat and light.
  • These types of damages will also lead your marble coaster into becoming more susceptible with water absorption overtime since the UV rays can help the coasters to dry out quicker while also being able to absorb more water.

Best Alternatives To Marble Coasters

You may also want to consider switching out your marble coasters for some that are made from natural materials like cork or bamboo. These will not stain and they won’t damage the surface of your table in any way.

  • Cork coasters which can be found at Amazon are a good option. They’re made from tree bark and they have natural anti-slip properties which means that you won’t need to worry about your drink spilling off of the coaster
  • Bamboo is also an excellent choice as it’s one of the most sustainable materials, biodegradable and renewable resources on earth
  • You can also use a natural stone coaster like slate to protect your surfaces. This is because slate is made from a sedimentary rock that is resistant to water.
  • Another option for slabs of natural stone is soapstone coasters. This material naturally absorbs heat and it’s also waterproof so you won’t need to worry about liquids spilling over the edges.
  • Quartz is another good option because it’s so easy to clean and you can use them in the dishwasher if needed.
  • If you’re hosting a party or have many guests over, use glass coasters on your furniture to avoid getting water rings. This will also allow the coaster to absorb more liquids at once instead of it just being poured into one location like a plate
  • If you want coasters for drinks that are going to be cold and not hot, then wood


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