Can You Use Marble Chips In A Fire Pit? (8 Pros & Cons)

can you use marble chips in a fire pit

Fire pits are a great way to create ambiance, but sometimes the fire can be too intense for some people. If you want a more subtle look while still having some warmth, then marble chips would be perfect for your needs. We will take a look at how they work and what you need to do if you plan on using them in your pit.

So can use marble chips in a fire pit? Yes, you can use marble chips in a fire pit because although marble is porous it is dense enough not to trap too much water and air that can cause the marble to explode in the fire pit. There are a lot of benefits to using marble chips in fire pits but this does not mean marble chips will never explode or have a few downsides to their use.

To learn more about the pros and cons, tips, and tricks when it comes to using marble chips in a fireplace keep reading this article.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Marble Chips In Fire Pits

The Pros

1. Marble Chips Are Natural Materials And Environmentally Friendly

There are many advantages to using marble chips in a fire pit. They can be purchased from most home improvement stores and they’re natural materials that will not introduce any chemicals or substances into the atmosphere while burning.

Marble is also easy to transport as it’s lightweight, which makes installation easier too! If you want something for your outdoor space that looks great and has zero environmental impact then this may be the perfect option for you.

Not only does it look fantastic around an open flame but also becomes more aesthetically pleasing when wet with rainwater – giving off a shimmery effect before drying out again (which could make it last even longer).

In the end, marble chips are a beautiful and unique material that will not only enhance your outdoor space but also have a minimal impact on the environment.

2. Marble Chips Produce An Attractive Glow In The Fire

Another great benefit to using marble chips in a fire pit is that they produce a beautiful glow. The color of the marble chips will depend on their type but most are shades like red, green, and black meaning that they emit those colors when heated by an open flame.

If you want to create a romantic atmosphere with your fire pit then this is an excellent way to do so! The small pieces also light up brilliantly in contrast with other types of stone or tile – making them perfect for use around any open flame.

Furthermore, if there happens to be rain during your outdoor event then the water droplets hitting these stones make them shine even more brightly than before – giving off a truly ethereal effect.

3. Marble Chips Are Often Cheaper Than Natural Wood

Marble chips are often cheaper than natural wood. Marble chips are cheaper because they are less rare than natural wood.

Marble chips are often cheaper at $0.25-$0.50 per square foot, while natural wood can cost up to $12 per square foot or higher depending on the type of wood and quality you want for your fire pit.

With these prices taken into consideration, marble chips may be more attractive. The cost can vary depending on the type and size of marble chips you buy, but usually, they’re cheaper than wood because they have less weight and volume to ship.

4. Marble Chips Are A Good Choice For People With Allergies

Marble chips are a good choice for people with allergies to the smoke or tar from firewood. Some people may be sensitive to smoke or tar from firewood.

Marble chips do not produce any tars and emissions, which makes them a good choice for those with respiratory problems.

This is because the marbles are heated more gradually than wood and charcoal as they cannot burn as other solid fuels can.

Therefore there’s never an all-consuming flame that produces large amounts of smoke when burning. As result marble chips do not emit smoke or tar.

5. Marble Chips Maintains Residual Heat Temperature

This means that marble chips help keep any residual heat at a certain temperature longer, which means less work for you on cold mornings when you want fires lit quickly and efficiently.

As mentioned before marble chips are heated more gradually than wood and charcoal as they cannot burn as other solid fuels can.

This means that for cooler evenings, you will benefit from the constant warmth of your fire pit without having to continue adding fuel.

Marble chips maintain a relatively high temperature when burned which means it takes longer to reach their combustion point so there’s never an all-consuming flame that produces large amounts of smoke when burning. Therefore these types of fires don’t produce any tars or emissions either.

The residual heat left behind by marble after being burnt maintains its own heat temperatures much higher than most natural gas fires! Which makes them great for colder evenings.

6. The Color From The Marble Chip’s Flame Is Unique

The color from the marble chips flame is unique. It’s a greenish-blue hue that you would never see with an open fire or gas logs.

The reason for this is because of the number of particles in its flames which causes it to have such a different appearance than other fires.

When burning, marble produces something called “thermal radiation” which creates light through heat alone and not by any outside source like suns rays or electric light bulbs!

This means there are no UV rays emitted during use which can be harmful if inhaled over long periods of time – unlike when using traditional wood such as fuel in your pit.

These types of emissions may irritate eyes and throat so you always need to make sure to take precautions.

7. Marble Chips Are Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the benefits of using these products is that they add aesthetics to your fire pit. The marble chips on their own are very nice and add to the appearance of your fire pit.

You can also mix the marble with other materials like sand for a more natural look.

I have seen some instances where the marble chips are beautifully combined with some decorative pebbles on top to give it a different texture.

This is exceptionally cool because it’s not all the time that you lit your fire pit. In this case, the fire pit can serve both as a functional and decorative piece.

The Main Con

Marble Chips Will Pop Out Of The Fire Pit

You might have read, heard, or seen this happen at a friend’s party – the way the stones in the fire pit kept popping. Let me get this out of the way! Almost every kind of natural stone or rock is likely to explode when used in a fire pit.

This will particularly happen if the stone is very porous and wet. Why? Because porous stones can trap water and air when they are wet and the water and air trapped in the stone when heated expands very quickly.

This then forcefully breaks the rock apart in a form of an explosion. And since marble is also a porous stone, it can also explode or pop out of the fire pit if the right measures are not put in place.

When moisture is trapped in the marble chips and is not dried properly before it goes into the fire pit, this can cause the marble to pop out of the fire pit.

This is one of the major reasons why most people do not use marble chips in a fire pit because it will be ruined due to all of these popped-out pieces. However, there are some ways that you can prevent this from happening. Check them out below!

Tips For Using Marble Chips In Fire Pits

  • Make sure you dry your marble chips before use.
  • Only use small quantities at a time.
  • If you are using a gas fire for your fire pit, make sure to turn the flame down when adding marble chips so that there is no risk of popping out due to high heat.
  • Replace the marble chips frequently to keep them dry and prevent popping from high heat.
  • Do not add directly on top of hot ashes because they will pop up almost immediately after being added.
  • Use them on top of the ashes before you start a fire.
  • Always take extra precautions when using any kind of combustible material to avoid building up high heat and risk of fires/explosions.
  • If possible, put a metal shield over the fire pit and let the explosions finish them take off.
  • Use only small quantities at one time and replace with fresh ones frequently in order to keep the moisture level low.
  • Always be cautious when lighting fires after it has rained. The wet rocks can increase the likelihood of the rocks exploding than dry rocks.
  • Cover your fire pit when not in use to help keep it dry and safe.

Alternatives To Marble Chips Perfect For Use In Your Fire Pits

If the marble chips do not cut it for you, here are a couple of natural stones you can use for your fire pits. Most of these are hard rocks that are very dense and so are less likely to absorb water and air.

Here are the best rocks or natural stones for your fire pits.

  • Lava Rock
  • Fire Rate Brick
  • Lava Glass
  • Poured Concrete
  • Crushed Lava Rock
  • Pebbles
  • Granite
  • Slate

Natural Stones To Be Avoided For Fire Pits

Some rocks are bad for fire pits. They are too porous and hold water making them easy to break or explode with they come into contact with heat. These rocks include;

  • Gravel
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Pumice
  • River Rocks
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Glass Tiles
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles, etc.


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