Can You Use Essential Oils On Quartz Countertops?

Can You Use Essential Oils On Quartz Countertops

We all have our favorite essential oils which we use for various reasons. But are essential oils safe for use on quartz countertops? In this article, I did some research and I’m ready to share all my findings with you.

So can you use essential oils on quartz countertops? You can mix your favorite essential oils with cleaners, protectors, solutions like rubbing alcohol to disinfect or clean your quartz countertops. Essential oils are safe for use on most types of surfaces including granite, quartz, marble, and granite.

There’s one more thing you need to keep in mind when using essential oils on countertops – do not use essential oils with a carrier oil. Carrier Oils are vegetable oils derived from the fatty portion of a plant, such as coconut or olive oil.

These oils are used to dilute essential oils. Since quartz countertops don’t offer much space for oil absorption, it’s best not to use a carrier oil if you want to use essential oils on quartz countertops.

If the oil is not absorbed it may leave a stain that would be difficult to remove.

So, can you use essential oils on quartz countertops? Yes! Essential oils are safe for most surfaces and won’t leave a greasy residue.

However, if you want to use essential oils on quartz countertops it’s best not to mix them with a carrier oil. Such oils may leave a stain that would be difficult to remove.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are not actually essential, but they contain the scents of different plants. The word “essential” means originating from or containing the essence of a plant.

Essential oils are very concentrated and may contain hundreds of different compounds, including linalool, limonene, pinenes, and geraniol.

These compounds are extracted from the leaves, stems, flowers, or other parts of a plant using distillation or solvent extraction.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Many people enjoy using essential oils because of their nice smells and the health benefits they provide.

They have been used for thousands of years to help improve moods, ease common ailments, or aid in relaxation.

Another great benefit is that they can be added to almost anything to give it a great smell without being overpowering.

Essential oils can be used in diffusers, mixed with water, and sprayed into the air, added to bathwater, or added to many household cleaners.

Essential oils are also great for cleaning because they can kill bacteria and viruses with their antibacterial properties.

Why Would You Use Essential Oil On Quartz Countertops?

Most essential oils are safe for use on most surfaces including quartz countertops. However, some have been found to be too harsh and will damage the surface of your quartz countertops.

It is important to do some research before using any essential oil on a new surface because you may need to dilute the oil with water to prevent any oil or grease stain or damage.

So of the main reasons why most people might want to use their favorite essential oils on their countertops can be due to the antibacterial properties of the oils.

Essential oils are also good at removing bad smells from your countertops or leaving a nice refreshing smell behind.

To ensure you can safely use essential oils on your quartz countertops, be sure to do some research and only use a small amount of essential oil to start.

On another note, you can use essential oils on quartz countertops for other purposes.

For example, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to some water and spraying it on the countertops every now and then will help prevent any bad smells or bacteria from growing.

You can also add a few drops to your favorite homemade cleaning solution for quartz countertops or use them in place of other less natural cleaners.

Pros and Cons of using Essential oils on Quartz Countertops

Essential oils are great for using on quartz countertops. However, there are always pros and cons to every product or solution available in the market.

Pros of Using Essential oils on Quartz Countertops

1. Leaves Behind No Residue

One great benefit is that essential oils are natural and won’t leave behind the same chemical residue that other cleaners might.

This is very important because no oil or grease will build upon the surface of the countertop and you would not have to worry about any stains.

2. Leaves Behind a Nice Smell

Another benefit which is pretty much the most obvious one is that essential oils are very fragrant and will leave your quartz countertops smelling great.

If you want to get rid of any bad smells, such as from cooking, or if you just want to add a nice smell to your countertops, essential oils work great.

The smell is usually mild and all-natural so you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals or artificial smells lingering in your kitchen.

3. Has Antibacterial Properties

Almost all essential oils have antibacterial properties and can help prevent the growth of bacteria on your countertops. This is especially important for keeping your countertops sanitary and clean.

There is no need to worry about any oil stains or residue remaining on your surfaces after you use essential oils either.

4. Easily Available

Another great benefit of essential oils is that they are very easy to find online or even at your local grocery store.

You can also make your own essential oils at home by using some herbs and flowers, such as lavender or rosemary.

Cons of Using Essential Oils on Quartz Countertops

1. Not as Effective as Chemical Cleaners

One thing to keep in mind is that essential oils are not the most effective cleaners available and will not have the same results as other cleaners.

They are better at keeping your countertops clean and sanitized, rather than actually cleaning them to a shine.

Also, these oils are not as effective at removing grease stains or any other tough grime that might be stuck on your countertops.

2. Not as Safe for Everyone

While most people will not have any issues with essential oils, there are a few who might be allergic or could have other problems.

It’s important to do your research and make sure that you, your kids, pets, or anyone in your space are is allergic before using any essential oils on your quartz countertops.

If you are using any essential oils for cleaning, make sure that they are only used in well-ventilated areas and avoid breathing anything in.


Q. Do essential oils leave a residue?

A. Essential oils are usually not heavy so they will not leave a residue on your countertops. The only thing left behind is a nice smell and no grease or oil stains at all.

Q. Can I use essential oils on my granite countertops too?

A. Yes, they are great for cleaning and keeping your granite countertops clean and free of bacteria. They also work great for keeping your granite countertops smelling fresh and nice as well.

Q. Do essential oils have antibacterial properties?

A. Yes, almost all essential oils will help kill bacteria and prevent the growth of more on your countertops. These are great for keeping your counters clean and sanitary at all times.

Q. How do essential oils work?

A. Essential oils are very fragrant and will leave your quartz countertops smelling great after you use them. They also help to keep your countertops free of grease and other tough grime that is difficult to remove using regular cleaners.


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