4 Reasons Why Bar Keepers Friend Is Great For Quartz

can you use bar keepers friend on quartz

Bar Keepers Friend is a popular product that many homeowners use to clean surfaces in their kitchen, bathroom, and elsewhere around the house. It has been used for decades as an all-purpose cleaner. However, can you use bar keepers friend on quartz?

Bar Keepers Friend can be used on quartz surfaces for daily cleaning and stain removal. Bar Keepers Friend is great for use on quartz because it is pH-balanced which means it will not scratch, stain, or cause any discoloration on quartz.

So yes, you can use Bar Keepers Friend on quartz. In addition to cleaning surfaces nicely and keeping them looking great year-round, there are many other uses of bar keepers friend that most people do not know about or make good use of in their home.

To learn more about this versatile product, keep reading this article to find out more!

Reasons Why Bar Keepers Friend Can Be Used On Quartz – Details

1. pH-Suitable For Quartz Surfaces

One of the first reasons quartz is such an awesome tool for cleaning your quartz surfaces is due to its pH-balanced formula as far as quartz countertop and other quartz surfaces are concerned.

The pH scale is a measurement that shows how acidic or alkaline a solution is. The neutral point on the scale is a pH of seven.

This particular formula for Bar Keepers Friend will not affect your quartz surfaces at all because they have an optimal pH level to make it easy to remove build-up from normal use without harming the material.

Bar Keepers Friend may be used safely on natural stone countertops like granite, slate, etc as well as engineered quartz – This is mostly due to the fact that quartz is nonporous and less likely to be damaged by a mild abrasive like the Bar Keepers Friend. This product can even be used with great success if you’ve got Corian countertops!

The cleaner is safe to use on most other surfaces such as glass, porcelain, and ceramic. The product does not contain bleach or any abrasive materials that might damage the surface of your quartz countertops.

2. Bar Keepers Friend Will Not Affect The Finish On Quartz

Another reason why using bar keepers friend on quartz surfaces is such a great cleaning solution is due to the fact that it will not cause any damage to the finish of your quartz countertops. This is because it doesn’t contain any abrasive materials like other cleaners.

The finish placed on most quartz surfaces is important because it creates a barrier between the surface itself and the things that you place on it. If there was no finish, these objects could scratch or damage your quartz countertops. This is why most of them are treated with a coating to prevent this from happening.

The one thing that bar keepers’ friends will not do however affects the protective coatings applied by manufacturers as well as any sealer used like some other cleaners might be able to do.

It’s important that you select a cleaner that won’t strip away or damage your kitchen’s countertops finish as this will help to keep your surfaces looking as good as new for many years and bar Keepers friend doesn’t contain any abrasive substances to ruin that finish.

3. Bar Keepers Friend Will Also Not Discolor Your Quartz Surfaces

Bar Keepers friend is one of the few cleaners that you can use on quartz surfaces without worrying about discoloration.

While it’s a good idea to avoid using bar keepers’ friends on your marble countertops, this cleaner won’t cause any damage to your quartz which makes it ideal for cleaning up after spills and other mishaps involving food products.

The best part is that there are no harsh chemicals in Bar Keepers Friend so you don’t have to worry about chemical residue accumulating over time and ruining your counters either.

Just be sure not to leave anything sitting in puddles as it will start eating away at the surface when left un-rinsed out for too long.

4. Great For Everyday Use

The Bar Keepers Friend is gentle enough for use on day to day basis which means you can use it frequently without worrying about its effects on your counters.

Usually, a lot of the natural stone cleaners will come with many restrictions on how frequently they can be used because of the fact that they do contain harsher chemicals.

Bar Keepers friend comes with a variety of uses and you can use it to clean many more surfaces than just your natural stone countertops.

You can actually use this product on fiberglass, porcelain tile floors, stainless steel appliances, and even chrome fixtures.

Even though there are so many options for what you could be using this product on it still has great cleaning prowess on all these surfaces without leaving behind any harsh chemical or residue.

This means that no matter how dirty something might get after heavy usage in your kitchen nothing will stand in the way between having sparkling clean counters when you have finished washing them down with bar keepers friend.

Tips On How To Use Bar Keepers Friend On Quartz

Here’s are a few tips on how to use the bar keepers friend to take care of your quartz countertops and other surfaces.

  • First, you want to make sure that the surface is dry and then apply a small amount of bar keepers friend, either using your hands or even better a sponge.
  • Be careful not to use too much as this may lead to problems when it come to rinsing off the product after cleaning.
  • Just be generous enough so that there’s an even coverage across the surface being cleaned first before moving on to other parts to ensure proper coverage without any kind of residue build-up.
  • At this point let the product sit for between five and ten minutes especially if you have some serious stains.
  • After some time, rinse the area with water and wipe it off carefully to get rid of any kind of residue.
  • If you want, you can use a clean cloth or sponge moistened in hot water for better results.
  • This product is able to soften up hard stains like those from rust but without being extremely harsh at all on the quartz surface.


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